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He Picked Out a Pink Toothbrush…

It’s just that simple. My 2 year old son Maverick was given the chance to pick out his own toothbrush. Well, I didn’t tell him too, he just kinda grabbed it even though I told him we di…

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Its Fall season, so y’all know that mea

Its Fall season, so y’all know that means its all about pumpkin and sweet potatoes! Here’s some benefits of pumpkin! It has a bunch of vitamin A in it. http://ow.ly/SPOdx

Happy Father’s Day!


Happy Father’s Day everyone!

Listen, I don’t claim to be an expert in fatherhood.  Just based off of my last few posts, you can tell that I’m still trying to figure this thing out.  But that is why I created Road to Dad.  To show new and soon-to-be fathers that none of us really know what the heck we’re doing.  We take what we see in the world, on tv, and in books and we try it out and see what sticks.  Fatherhood is nothing more than trial and error, but as a man, it is the most important job we can ever have.

So if you find yourself discouraged or a little afraid, just know that Michael Rains’ kids probably hate him.  It’s okay to laugh, because that’s how I keep from crying.

Use this Father’s day to take some time to yourself and get your priorities in order…

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The Team

He said everything perfectly!

I haven’t been married that long, but what I have come to realize is that if you want to truly be an awesome dad, then you have to have an awesome-er wife.  You need someone who will put up with you making up foolish words.  You need someone that will make deserts with the kids while you sit in front of the computer screen and try to come of with some blog content so you can make some extra money and buy things that only awesome dads buy.

Just an example.

But seriously.  If you’re single then you still have time, but if you’re already married then it’s probably about time to sit down with your spouse and discuss what you hope to get out of that marriage.  Inevitably, people change in a relationship as time goes by and if you’re on the same page, then that change is for…

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I believe in Soulmates


Maybe I am just an optimistic lover, but I believe there is a such thing as a soulmate. I believe that everyone deserves someone like them whether thats a good or bad thing but I am a firm believer in Soulmates. To me, a soulmate is an imperfect person that exceeds your “image” of the perfect lover. Someone who completes you and even when the dark times hit, they will be there to bring light into your situation. The person that can except your many flaws, admit their shortcomings, and is willing to work with you and become a better person. No matter how long the road is and how many falls you take, your soulmate is taking every step with you on this journey called Life. A soul mate is someone you cannot see yourself without because you know you’ll lose a piece of yourself, a piece of your heart at the mere thought of their departure. The bond between you two that feels so amazing you pinch yourself to see if its real. That person that makes you happy and can put a smile on without them even trying. Many people find them, and some people havent bumped into them yet, but I know there is a such thing as a soulmate. After all, I have one who’s last name I took.

-Natalie Alcyonia Rains

The Ticking Time Bomb


Be careful of your steps ticking_time_bomb_by_kaylanbetten-d42012r

Around the ticking time bomb

You trip, once, twice, or more

She’ll point out your wrongs

Keep your distance when the time gets near

When she’s ticking don’t you dare try to be bold

You pick on her when she’s low

And she’ll be quick to explode

Give her space

She needs it to maintain

Give her heart time to heal

And she’ll be back to herself again

She has a kind heart, a beautiful soul

She’s just had too much heartache for too long

So be cautious of what you do or say

Around the Ticking Time Bomb.

-Natalie Alcyonia Rains

Get Out of That Box!

How can you breathe in that small box?15-3d0801366851179

I know it’s difficult to move around

I couldn’t stay in there forever

You should get out, stretch, move around!

There’s moments to be captured

One snap at a time

There’s fresh air to enjoy,

flowers to adore

And special lovers to find

Get out of that box!

You’ve been in there too long

Your mind has held you back

And its time for you to become strong

Let go of all that fear

And come with me to a place

Where there’s lots of learning to do

And your success runs at your own pace

Take those steps into freedom

Take your mind out of that box

I must warn you that if you don’t

You’ll forever be held captive by your thoughts


-Natalie Alcyonia Rains